Viskus comes in different levels of tackiness to accommodate all types of surfing.

Light Weight

Viskus is a very light weight, soft surf grip-and it stays that way. It does not absorb water like traditional surf wax and traction pads.

Natural Board Feel

Viskus provides surfers with a natural feel making the board an extension of your surfing. The beads, bumps, and grooves that surfers crave are now instantly ready.


No Melt

It won’t melt. Your board will continue to have beads without the worry of melted wax. The viscosity and stickiness will last multiple sessions.

UV Protection

It has a UV inhibitor that helps prevent board discoloration from the sun.

Board Coverage

One set of 4 or 6 interlocking pieces will completely cover the riding area of most short boards under 6’6”. Each kit measures 30 inches long by 18.35 inches wide. We have worked with some of the industry’s top shapers to create the optimal board template. Viskus can be cut with scissors to exactly fit your board.




It will not affect the flexing properties of your surfboard. Viskus is extremely flexible, thin, and light weight so it won’t affect how your board reacts or responds. In addition, the flex allows Viskus to seamlessly bend over pressure dings and won’t create air bubbles.

Pressure Dents

Viskus helps to neutralize surfer / board impact by creating an ultra thin breathable membrane that helps absorb impact.

Soft on Nipples

It is soft on your chest. Whether you wear a wetsuit or nothing at all. Viskus is gentle on your skin.