Why is Viskus better than traditional surf wax?

To create beads using wax is a pain. Rubbing basecoat, then rubbing wax up and down, side to side, often multiple times before you get the beads you want…then they immediately wear off half way through your first session. Wax wears quickly and then you have to scrape, or remove and re-do it all over again. Viskus instantly gives you the perfect beads that last.

Is it applied and removed like a sticker?

Yes. It bonds instantly and removes without leaving residue.

Can I move it around after I place it on my board?

Yes. Viskus is pressure sensitive and is activated when firmly pressed. Simply pull up the piece you want to relocate, place on the desired area of your board and press down.

How long does each Viskus kit last?

This will vary depending on the weight of the surfer and how hard they surf. Our team riders typically average 20 uses.

What is the difference between a Viskus Surf Kit and a Viskus Wake Kit?

Viskus Wake Grip is comprised of a different solution substrate that withstands constant direct friction from the rider.

Can it be recycled?