Customize Your Viskus

Viskus can be customized with multiple colors, designs, sizes, and contours. Instantly, you can completely change the look of your board and change it back within seconds. It’s non-permanent. You no longer have to deal with ordering colored boards, spray paint, or special pens. Whether you want beads that are soft and squishy, or hard and stiff, sticky or smooth, we can make anything you want.

Colors and Designs

Want custom color, stripes, designs, patterns, or customs sizes? No problem! Viskus can be made to your specifications. It’s non-permanent so you can simply peel off to remove whenever you want.

Bead Size

Viskus comes in several bead sizes, pattern levels, and viscosity levels. Whether you want x-small or x-large beads, extra toe grooves, or to add weight to your board for windy conditions, or simply want grip that is sticky for airs-you can pick a grip that will work for you.

Small Beads


Medium Beads


Large Beads


Board Coverage


Whatever you ride; short board, fish, or long board, we can customize Viskus to cover any shape. Additionally, Viskus can be cut with scissors to accommodate any board size or design.