Instant Beads

No Hassle! Viskus provides instant surf beads. Forget rubbing, scraping, wax combs, and remover solution. Simply peel, stick, and surf!

Multiple Sessions

Viskus is the ideal solution to problems with traditional one-time use surf wax and permanent surf traction. You no longer have to deal with the hassle of waxing your board every session and trying to get those perfect beads, or committing to permanent traction without being able to easily remove it.

Ideal for Travel

Simply stick Viskus on your board, load it into your board bag and go. Viskus has been thoroughly tested all over the world in multiple climates and water temperatures. It will not peel or melt during flight or transportation.

Look of your board

Change the look, color, and graphics of your board instantly. Viskus is non-permanent so if you want to change the look of your surfboard-simply peel it off. Don’t mess with the added costs of color when ordering a board, pens, or worry about the re-sale value of your board from the spray job you thought was cool at the time.


Viskus is comprised of an environmentally-friendly water based solution that can be recycled.

No Mess

It won’t melt. No more wax on your clothes, using plastic bags to carry bars to re-apply, or finding melted bars in your car, board bag, or anywhere else.