What is Viskus?

Viskus is an innovative, patent-pending grip that allows you to instantly peel, stick, and surf.  It has been engineered to instantly bond to your board, so you don’t have to worry about it coming off in the water.  Yet, it is easy to remove without leaving residue on your board.

It is created from a water-based environmentally friendly solution that is light weight and flexible.  Viskus is soft on your feet and chest, while maintaining a natural feel to your board.  The adhesive has been specially formulated to immediately bond to your board without any set-up time, and can be easily peeled off when you want to change your grip, whether for a new design, stickiness level, or bead size.

How Does It Work?

To Apply

Instant Beads

  1. Simply pick the Viskus suitable for the water temperature you will be surfing.  Scrape your board so that the surface area is clean (no chemical wax remover needed)
  2. Peel the backing off.
  3. Place on your board and press down.

To Remove


  1. Simply pull up a corner and pull off.
  2. Place in recycle bin.

Product Review